DSL Modems

DrayTek DSL Modems
DrayTek Vigor 166 G.Fast Modem

DrayTek DSL Modems are ideal for connecting any Router or Firewall to Superfast FTTC, Ultrafast G.fast and ADSL lines. Designed for stability, DrayTek's DSL modems are extensively tested for compatibility with Openreach's FTTC and G.fast networks.

The DrayTek Vigor 166 and Vigor 130 modems are pre-configured to work with UK DSL networks, straight out of the box.

 G.Fast (BT Ultrafast Fibre)VDSL2 (BT Superfast Fibre/FTTC)ADSL2+LAN Ports
Vigor 130   tick tick 1
Vigor 166 tick tick tick 2