Latest Products (Equivalent Replacements)


Equivalents for discontinued Products

As our products evolve, eventually older products get superseded by products with newer technology and the latest features and innovations.  If you are used to ordering one particular product, this chart should help you in determining the replacement or nearest equivalent product.

It's important to note that the new product will not be identical, feature-wise, so do check the new product's specification particular where there is more that one possible replacement, depending on your requirements. Also, in some cases, although we list the closest equivalent, you may want to consider a different model - for example a Vigor 2830 can be replaced with a Vigor 2832, but also a Vigor 2862 which would provide VDSL support too, ideal if you have ADSL now but expect to get VDSL soon.

Old/EOL Model

New Model

(Closest Equivalent)


Vigor 2820
Vigor 2830

Vigor 2832  

Vigor 2820n
Vigor 2830n

Vigor 2832n  
Models with 'V' suffix
e.g. Vigor 2762Vac
Vigor 2765Vac or Vigor 2865Vac or Vigor 2866Vac  
VigorBX 2000n
Vigor IPPBX 2820
Vigor IPPBX 3510
Vigor 2110 Vigor 2765 Vigor 2765 is a VDSL router but LAN port
can be switched to Ethernet WAN.
Vigor 2110n Vigor 2765ac As above
Vigor 2710 Vigor 2765  
Vigor 2710n Vigor 2765ac  
Vigor 2760 Vigor 2765  
Vigor 2760n Vigor 2765ac  
Vigor 2762 Vigor 2765  
Vigor 2762n Vigor 2765ac  
Vigor 2762ac Vigor 2765ac  
Vigor 2850
Vigor 2860
Vigor 2865  
Vigor 2850n
Vigor 2860n
Vigor 2865ac  
Vigor 2860ac Vigor 2865ac  
Vigor 2860Ln Vigor 2865Lac  
Vigor 2862 Vigor 2865  
Vigor 2862n Vigor 2865ac  
Vigor 2862ac Vigor 2865ac  
Vigor 2862Ln Vigor 2865Lac  
Vigor 2862Lac Vigor 2865Lac  
Vigor 2862Vac Vigor 2865Vac or Vigor 2866Vac  
Vigor 120 Vigor 130 or Vigor 166  
VigorNIC132 None For an external modem, use Vigor 130 or Vigor 166
Vigor 2920
Vigor 2925
Vigor 2927  
Vigor 2920n
Vigor 2925n
Vigor 2927ac  
Vigor 2925ac Vigor 2927ac  
Vigor 2926 Vigor 2927  
Vigor 2926ac Vigor 2927ac  
VigorPro 5500 None  
Vigor 2950
Vigor 2955

Vigor 2962

Vigor 2952 Vigor 2962  
Vigor 2960 Vigor 2962  
Vigor 3200 Vigor 3910 series Vigor 2962 series for Dual WAN scenarios
Vigor 3220 Vigor 3910 series Vigor 2962 series for Dual WAN scenarios
Vigor 3300V Vigor 3910 series Vigor 2962 series for Dual WAN scenarios
Vigor 3900 Vigor 3910 series Vigor 2962 series for Dual WAN scenarios
VigorAP 700 VigorAP 810  
VigorAP 710 VigorAP 810  
VigorAP 800 VigorAP 810  
VigorAP 900
VigorAP 902
VigorAP 903  
VigorAP 910C

VigorAP 912C or
VigorAP 960C or
VigorAP 1060C

VigorAP 920R VigorAP 918R  
VigorAP 920RPD VigorAP 918RPD  
VigorTalk ATA None  

VigorSwitch G1240
VigorSwitch G1260
VigorSwitch G1280
VigorSwitch G2240
VigorSwitch G2260

VigorSwitch G1282 or
VigorSwitch G2280x
VigorSwitch G2280 VigorSwitch G2280x  
VigorSwitch G2500 VigorSwitch P2540x  

VigorSwitch P1080
VigorSwitch P1085
VigorSwitch P1090
VigorSwitch P1092
VigorSwitch P1100

VigorSwitch P2100  
VigorSwitch P1280
VigorSwitch P2121
VigorSwitch P1282 or
VigorSwitch P2280x
VigorSwitch P2261 VigorSwitch P1282 or
VigorSwitch P2280x
VigorSwitch P2280 VigorSwitch P2280x  
VigorSwitch P2500 VigorSwitch P2540x  
VigorSwitch V1281 None  
HVE290 None See alternatives
PoEINJ1 None Consider a PoE switch such as VigorSwitch P2100