• DrayTek ACS-SI Hosted ("Cloud") Edition

DrayTek VigorACS Cloud - Terms & Conditions

  • Cloud-Based (SaaS) Version of VigorACS
  • Avoids having to run your own server
    or provide your own resilient connectivity

Cloud Terms & Conditions

Service Terms and Conditions

The DrayTek VigorACS Cloud service provides you with the VigorACS management platform, hosted in our data centre. In order to subscribe and use the service you must agree to and are bound by the following terms. Please review these thoroughly before subscribing and get in touch if you have any queries.

VigorACS ("The Service") Cloud service is available in standard or enhanced subscriptions.

These service terms are mandatory and binding on all service users.

Premium Subscriptions

  1. Enhanced subscriptions are charged on an annual basis per node (A node is any supported router, AP or switch).
  2. You may cease your service by not paying your renewal fee.
  3. Your renewal date is always one year after your first node subscription, or anniversary thereafter (e.g. if your subscription starts on 20th April, it will expire on 19th April the following year).
  4. Renewals or additional node subscriptions will always be at the price in force when the new order is placed. Changes to your subscription are priced as per the current price list and according to any minimum values.
  5. You cannot reduce your node subscription count during a subscription period. The system will normally advise you in advance of your subscription expiry/renewal date though it is untilately your responsibility to remember to renew for continued service.
  6. You must renew your subscription before it expires, otherwise the account may be removed and you will need to open a new account and set up your nodes from scratch. There is no grace period, except where agreed in advance.

Standard Subscriptions

  1. Subscriptions are available to DrayTek Authorised dealers in the UK/Ireland only.
  2. Subscriptions operate on a 12 month subscription. You can cancel/close your account at any time.
  3. Access to and usage of the standard account is for the use of the subscriber (authorised dealer) only. For example you, as a dealer, can monitor 3rd party (customer's) devices but you cannot provide the customer with access or a login to the the VigorACS server or your account.
  4. Technical support for standard subscriptions is available by email or the support ticket system only.

General Terms

  1. You must keep your contact details with us up to date in order that we can communicate with you.
  2. You will be provided with an administrator access passwords for the service which is unique to your account. You must not disclose that access passwords to any 3rd party, unless they are employed, contracted or authorised by you to have full control of your account.
  3. As administrator of your account, depending on your subscription you can create additional users. You are responsible for selection of the usernames and passwords and for passing them onto the relevant person, making them aware of their security responsibilities.
  4. All passwords should always be strong; e.g. a minimum of 10 characters including variable case, letters, numbers and symbols. Passwords should be treated securely and not shared.
  5. If you believe that there is a fault, malfunction, breach or failure of the system, you must notify the operator immediately.
  6. If you believe that your password has been compromised or leaked, your must immediately change it, or notify the operator if you cannot.
  7. You are responsible for all changes made to your account made using your login/password.
  8. We do not automatically make config backups of your devices so if you want those (it's recommended) you need to do it yourself, using VigorACS or directly from the device.
  9. In order to maintain a reliable service, the operator will gather general statistical data from the servers and nodes, however we will not access individual accounts or nodes, nor examine private account data except when authorised by the subscriber for support purposes or when required in investigating anomalous service or other technical issues.
  10. You may resell services which make use of the service however, you cannot resell your subscription to the service or provide access to the service to any third party, except where your subscription specifically allows that.
  11. When promoting the service to your customers, you may not make any claims for the service beyond the scope of what is listed or advertised on these pages and you should take account of these service terms.
  12. Customer support is available during normal office hours only and is provided only to the subscriber and his authorised employees or contractors.
  13. The operator will provide support and assistance with operating the service, however the subscriber is responsible for the day-to-day configuration and administering of his/her account, including configuring new nodes..
  14. You may not use the service in any way which impairs its operation or the accessibility of other users.
  15. It is not permitted to continuously or permanently send log/store syslogs from your nodes to the VigorACS server due to the data volume and the effect it can have on other users. Temporary syslog from a specific node for test purposes is permitted. Syslog data is stored by our server for one month and is purged after that time.
  16. You may only use the service for its intended purpose. You may not attempt to access it any any way not intended by the operator.
  17. You may not access, communicate or send/receive any data to or from the server except by the user console (web browser) or by a DrayTek product reporting via the TR-069 protocol.
  18. You may not use the server to manage/access any non-Draytek product or any DrayTek product which has been modified without the manufacturer's or operators consent.
  19. We do not routinely access or review your data, however we may, with your permission do so if you have a technical or other query in which it is necessary for us to look at your account. Additionally, we may run aggregate reports on all nodes/accounts for our own management purposes, for example to assess performance and load - such reports will not contain any of your personal data. In the event of a security issue, all data may be accessed, however only for the purposes of dealing with an immediate issue, such data to be handed with strict confidentiality. We will disclose information to a law enforcement, government or other agency when required to do so by a valid warrant or other legal requirement.
  20. If at any time, your usage of the service is considered by the operator to be affecting service quality or operator/access for other users or subscribers, you may be required to cease that method/activity.
  21. Settings affecting data load/volume may not exceed maximum/minimum requirements which may be varied from time to time. The minimum CPE update time should be no less than 15 minutes, except by specific agreement.
  22. You must not configure more nodes/CPE than your subscription allows for (number of nodes). If at any time your subscription expires, you must ensure that CPE/routers/switches no longer poll/contact the VigorACS server.
  23. You must provide us with at least one contact person within your organisation, providing their name, email address and phone number. They will be the primary technical contact. You may provide additional personnel details if you need to authorise them. The administrator contact on your VigorACS server accounts must be kept up to date with a valid person's email address in order that service notices can be received.
  24. VigorACS may provide alerts by email. You must be careful to only enter email addresses of persons who will be expecting such emails and you may not set the server to email any person without their permission. No responsibility is accepted for emails which are lost in transit or intercepted/blocked.
  25. All pricing for all subscription types is subject to change at any time and subject to VAT.

SLA, Service Levels, Security & Maintenance

  1. Reliability, Security & Service Levels:
    • The service operates on up-to-date hardware, using RAID technology for data integrity.
    • Spare parts are kept on-site for the server in case of failure or service degradation
    • Technical Engineers are on-site or are on-call to the server 24-hours a day.
    • The server is located in a state-of-the-art, air-cooled datacentre
    • The datacentre is provisioned with power backup, generators and multiple WAN connectivity.
    • Both on-site and off-site backups of the server are maintained.
    • ACS User passwords may be encrypted with hashing algorithms and salting (for this reason, if you lose your password, it must be changed as it cannot be retrieved).
  2. Whilst any or all of the above measures are maintained, ultimately in any and all cases, no absolute guarantee can be given of service uptime, nor reliability of the data logged or displayed by the server. The service will always operate on a 'best efforts' basis. The operator cannot accept responsibility for consequential loss (whether financial or otherwise) as a result of using this service. We recommend that you keep your own external backups of all data, routers configs and ACS/router logs.
  3. In all cases, the service may at any time not operate correctly and like any IT, may be subject to bugs, vulnerabilities or operations issues. We take reliability and security very seriously so any anomalous issues should be reported to us immediately. In all cases, you accept that we accept no financial or other liaibility for any consequential loss caused directly or indirectly by the user of our service or flaws within our system.
  4. In the case of scheduled downtime or maintenance, this will be arranged at a time considered by the operators to be least disruptive. Wherever possible, you will receive advance notice of much maintenance. Any such downtime shall always be minimised wherever possible and is expected to be rare. In the case of emergency maintenance or downtime, notice may not always be given.
  5. Retention of Data. VigorACS Cloud edition will retain activity/node data (logs) for a minimum of 4 months (up to the limits of the subscribed service). Therefore, it may not be possible to review bulk data (non-aggregated, specific traffic information, such as syslog) for periods beyond 4 months ago. Depending on the data required, you can take local backups or export the data to your own local storage. Syslog logs are not retained for any guaranteed period.
  6. Where, due to human or system error, you are provided with service beyond your entitled level (for example subscription type) this will be corrected as soon as we become aware and any unentitled storage or service will be lost.
  7. In the case of the service terminating or support for the software ending, it is expected that the service will continue until the end of your current subscription period (for enhanced subscriptions), except in cases where it is not reasonably or economically practical, in which case as much notice as possible shall be given. For standard subscriptions, a minimum 30 days notice would be given.
  8. The operator reserves the right to amend the service capabilities and/or upgrade the software, hardware or infrastructure at any time. In the unlikely event that we require you to relocate to another server or make changes to assist with operation or performance, you may need to update your CPE settings to suit, though in many cases that would be automatic.
  9. We operate according to UK data protection requirements and those of GDPR. You are also required to ensure that your own responsibilities in handling data and security are maintained.

By subscribing to the service, the subscriber agrees to all terms listed here. These terms and conditions may be modified or updated at any time without notice. Please refer back to this page for the latest version.

The service is operated in the UK by 'Bonus Ltd', ("the operator"). In addition to these specific service terms, you are also bound by their standard terms which also covers GDPR/privacy requirements.