VigorACS 3 FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

This page may become out of date, for the latest VigorACS3 FAQ's, please click here.

When will a hosted by DrayTek UK (Cloud) version be available?

We are working on a hosted by DrayTek UK version and will be releasing this when it’s available.

Can I upgrade my VigorACS 2 self-hosted server to VigorACS 3?

Yes, you can upgrade your server to VigorACS 3. Doing so will convert your existing VigorACS 2 licence to VigorACS 3 and the licence will run for the rest of the current licence term. After which you would then renew with a VigorACS 3 licence. For assistance with upgrading your server, please contact support.

Which models will support the SD-WAN features?

The SD-WAN features are available on the latest Vigor 2865 and Vigor 2927 routers.

For a full list please see the VigorACS 3 - SD-WAN product page as we will update this as support for more models are added.

Models which don’t support SD-WAN can still be used with VigorACS 3 but would not support the SD-WAN specific functionality.

Older models are unlikely to support SD-WAN due to memory requirements on the CPE for it to support the SD-WAN functionality.

Does VigorACS 3 have different server spec requirements compared to VigorACS 2?

Please see the VigorACS 3 product page for information on server spec requirements. Excluding SD-WAN the requirements are broadly similar to VigorACS 2. The SD-WAN specific requirements increase storage recommendations as more usage and insights data is reported and stored.

Can VigorACS 3 run on a virtual server?

Yes, VigorACS 3 is compatible with installation on a VM provided the VM is allocated with sufficient resources based on the storage recommendations and can run on various cloud platforms.

How is node usage calculated on VigorACS 3?

VigorACS 3 is licenced on the number of nodes which VigorACS 3 controls. A DrayTek router counts as one node. A Draytek switch or AP counts as 0.5 a node. So two APs would count as one node. For example 10 routers (10 nodes) , 10 switches (5 nodes) and 40 APs (20 nodes) would count as 35 Nodes in total.

Can I see a demo of VigorACS 3?

Yes, the web demonstration interface for VigorACS 3 is available here: VigorACS 3 Web Demo

For a more in-depth demonstration or a trial license for your own server, fill in the Contact Sales form on the VigorACS 3 page