Dial-up (Analogue) Backup

This product has been discontinued.

If you rely on your Internet connection, you can allow for ADSL failure by adding dial-up backup to your Vigor2820. Dial-up backup uses a 'good old-fashioned' analogue modem to dial a backup ISP in the event your ADSL line or ISP fails, either temporarily or for an extended period. The add-on analogue modem (seen below) provides 'V92' connections (up to 52000bps downstream speed) which is somewhat slower than your broadband connection but certainly usable for light web browsing, email and all other online activities which you really can't do without.

The Vigor 2820 will detect when your ADSL connection fails and automatically start the dial-up connection using the modem which is connected to the router's USB port. Once ADSL service is restored, the router will hang-up the dial-up call. Note : The modem is an optional accessory, not included with the router.

There are lots of 'free' dial-up ISPs in the UK which you can use in an emergency or occasional use without subscription; you pay only for the call costs (normally 0845 Lo-Call Rate). Alternatively, you can subscribe to an ISP who offers a 'FRIACO' service, where your dial-up calls are free of charge, for a monthly subscription.

DrayTek Vigor 2820 Dial-up analogue Backup
Vigor2820 with ADSL and Analogue modem attached

Analogue Dial-Up on its own

As well as backup to your ASDL connection, you can use dial-up connection permanently without ADSL line. This is ideal for shared Internet access, or wireless access to the Internet in temporary locations where an ADSL line isn't available, and an alternative to the 3G modem solution also available on the Vigor 2820.

Vigor 2820 with Analogue dial-up modem
Vigor 2820 with Analogue dial-up modem

If you already have the Vigor 2820 and AFM-102 modem, you can find the setup guide here.