Wireless LAN Extension Cable

This product has been discontinued.

Sockets on ANT-CAB2DrayTek routers with wireless facilities have two or three aerials. The optional ANT-2510 high-gain aerial is supplied with a standard 1m cable. If that is not adequate for ideal placement of your aerial, you can replace it with this 2 metre cable. We do not recommend using cables longer than 2M or joining cables together as the signal loss (inherent to coax cable at this frequency) can be counterproductive. Always use the shortest cable possible to minimise cable signal loss.

This 2 metre cable (part code ANT-CAB2) replaces the standard cable on the ANT-2510 aerials. The 2M cable will not fit the other DrayTel aerials without an 'SMA M-F adaptor' (shown on the right for reference, but not supplied by DrayTek; it is available from various 3rd party suppliers).

Photos of Router and Aerial Sockets
Router Aerial Socket
Socket on Router
Socket on ANT-2309 and ANT-2510
Socket on ANT-2309/2510
Socket on standard DrayTek aerial
Socket on Standard Aerial
(also on ANT-1005 and ANT-1107)
ANT-RSMA1 Adaptor
ANT-RSMA1 Adaptor