Plug and Play WiFi

No PoE, No Problem

Access points (APs) are brilliant devices to boost LAN capability and extend wireless coverage. DrayTek designs its VigorAP access points to offer a great experience for wireless clients and support network admins with a wide-range of remote management features.  

The DrayTek VigorAP 802 has an unique UK plug design.  Read on to explore a few specific use cases. 

802 UK plugged in circle

Plug-In Simplicity

The DrayTek VigorAP 802 offers a convenient plug-in access point (AP) device to extend wireless connectivity.

Add it to a ‘get out of trouble’ IT toolkit to provide fast, temporary troubleshooting for customer WiFi dead spot problems.

  • Small form factor for a travel kit
  • No new cabling or power adapters required
  • Quickly setup or add to your DrayTek estate

Pop-Up WiFi

When a larger than normal meeting starts -  and everyone has a  laptop or phone, streaming videos and accessing cloud applications - offer a temporary solution to boost wireless coverage.  The DrayTek VigorAP 802 offers a simply UK wall plug power socket design and the ability to connect to pre-wired Ethernet cabling in a room. 

Quickly deploy to any meeting rooms or large gatherings, securely using a Gigabit LAN port, a separate SSID and auto-provisioning. The VigorAP can connect up to 32 clients to each wireless radio, up to 64 wireless clients per VigorAP 802 access point.

  • Convenient installation
  • Wireless security options & VLANs
  • Centrally manage with a local DrayTek Router or via the cloud with VigorACS

Internet Connectivity for Multi – Dwelling – Units (MDUs)

802 hotel w UK plugBuild an efficient, internet connectivity network around VigorAP 802 access points and VigorSwitch G2100 for MDUs and student housing, with each room offered a separate, wireless network connection.

  • Separate billing and access by room
  • Maximise wireless speeds by connecting to the VigorAP 802 Gigabit LAN port
  • Clean and unobtrusive once installed
  • VigorSwitch G2100, 8 port switch
  • Remotely manage with VigorACS or on-site with VigorConnect

When used with other VigorAPs being managed by a DrayTek Vigor router and switch, Central AP Management's AP Load Balancing can ensure that wireless clients are shared equally between the access points, giving better overall bandwidth by avoiding overloading of a single access point.

DrayTek’s Central Management System supports all current DrayTek routers, switches and access points, providing System Integrators or system administration personnel a real-time integrated monitoring, configuration and management platform.

Product Spotlight

Vigor Routers
VigorAP 802
Access Point More info

Learn more about the DrayTek VigorAP 802 - a versatile dual-band access point with a convenient and tidy UK plug design. The VigorAP 802 has one wired Ethernet port on the underside of the AP. This is a Gigabit port operating at 1000Mb/s, backwards compatible with 10/100 devices.  As a 802.11ac access point, it provides wireless coverage for both 2.4GHz and 5GHz clients simultaneously - with speeds up to 866Mb/s on the 5GHz band.

Ideal for business, home and office environments wishing to expand and securely manage wireless connectivity.

VigorSwitch G2100
 More info

Learn more about the VigorSwitch G2100. This high-performance, Layer 2+ Managed Ethernet switch has 8 RJ-45 Gigabit LAN ports and ideal for adding network ports to a DrayTek Vigor router. The enterprise-level features allow your business to improve network stability and security.