Vigor AP902 - Older Firmware

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Release Date 01/10/2021
Support Language English

The file extension of the firmware file controls which upgrade type is performed.

If the file name is unchanged (eg is xxxx.all) then the upgrade will just upgrade the firmware, whereas renaming the firmware to a .rst extension will wipe all settings back to factory defaults when upgrading the firmware.

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Size 94.63 KB
MD5 Checksum : f4c8acd7d83c05f2b3931f7ec8d60f0b            SHA1 Checksum : 0c056257c320c9ea9d83b4316ee02c4d471e1687
MD5 Checksum : 8f7e284abe6dbd4fc93a3ffd10904154            SHA1 Checksum : 078b80ba5832f49da9f84ee0498918e76054a132
Size 5.25 MB
MD5 Checksum : ecddbdc55bf842148b9fd8eeaac8ba10            SHA1 Checksum : 60111ed74ff35fa70d8cf7005ec2d3ffc1bcbf5d
MD5 Checksum : 75d947acd2d8aef74b3f937020c18dde            SHA1 Checksum : c891e3fb606bf219a7bb6b4a7e74d256a9dd5bd0