XII. Firewall/Security Features

Correcting a category in WCF (Cyren/Globalview)

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Web Content Filtering

Web Content Filtering Categories

DrayTek web content filtering (WCF) supports the blocking of web sites according to their defined category (adult, social, video etc.). This operates with a subscription to a service whereby each URL is checked against a live external server. The Cyren (formerly 'Globalview') service continuously categorises sites on the Internet and maintains millions of sites' categorisations.

To use categoric WCF (as opposed to blocking specific named sites) you need to have a DrayTek subscription pack for your router (Type A,B,C or S, depending on model). You can learn more about DrayTek WCF on this link.

The categorisation cannot be perfect, particularly where a web site has mixed purposes, purposes not easily apparent or where a mistake has been made. If you find a new web site which has not yet been categorised (and would therefore be 'blocked') or an existing web site which you believe has been wrongly categorised then you can request a re-categorisation using the link below.

If you are visiting premises which uses a DrayTek Web Filtering solution then the categories that they block are their choice.

Checking & Correcting Categories

To check which category a particular site is under, or to submit a suggestion of a mis-categorised site, use this link.

Blocking of compromised Sites

As well as blocking according to its category, if WCF is in use, a site may be blocked if it has been compromised with malware or some other vulnerability. In such circumstances, it would remain blocked even if you request a re-cateogirsation until the compromise has been remedied after the next scan cycle. Recategorisation requests can take a little time as they are reviewed manually by Cyren.