XII. Firewall/Security Features

How to allow specific websites through the Web Content Filter

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In some scenarios, it may be necessary to block categories using the Web Content Filtering but setup some exceptions to allow some specific sites in that category through.

This can also be used to block sites if they are not included in the categories that are configured for the Web Content Filter profile, the difference from this example is that the Black/White List action would be set to Block, which then operates as a “blacklist”.

This example shows how to create a "whitelist" for sites that are blocked by the Web Content Filter.

In this setup example, the Web Content Filter's Social Media category needs to remain blocked but access to “twitter.co.uk” is required – which would be blocked with the Web Content Filtering applied:

Image 1

(If you haven't configured you WCF profile yet, you can refer to this guide)

To resolve this, create a Keyword Object first of all; this is configured from the Objects Setting – Keyword Object page by creating a new entry on there. In this example, the Contents of the keyword are set to just “twitter” so that any sub-domains or top-level domain variants of the site would be allowed:

Image 2

Once that is configured, go to the CSM – Web Content Filter Profile page and select the Web Content Filter profile that the exception would be required for:

Image 3

In the profile under the Black/White List section, tick the Enable checkbox and set the Action to Pass:

Image 4

To select the keyword, click Edit under the Group/Object Selections box, which will pop-up a new window to select the keyword objects / groups. Select the required objects / groups on this list then click OK:

Image 5

Once that is done and it shows the keywords listed, click OK and those sites should then be exempt from the Web Content Filter profile that would otherwise block them:

Image 6

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