XIV. Miscellaneous Questions

Identifying your router's MAC Address

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Identifying your router's MAC Address

Every Ethernet interface has a unique hardware ID, known as its MAC address. This includes WAN ports, LAN ports and even Wireless LAN 'ports' (which simulate a wired interface).

A MAC address may or may not be shown or entered with dashes for ease of reading, e.g. 00-FF-12-43-55-33 or 00FF12435533.

Your MAC address can be found on the main/first page of the router's web interface when you log in. The LAN MAC address is highlighted in yellow in the diagram below.

Further down on the same page you will also find the WAN and Wireless LAN MAC addresses, however, if you do need the router's MAC address, most commonly it will be the LAN MAC address that is required:

If you only have telnet access then you can use the telnet command 'sys iface' and the MAC addresses and interface statuses will be shown. The first MAC address shown is the first LAN MAC address.