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How to Restore a Vigor ACS-SI Database

This article explains how to restore a Vigor ACS-SI database which was previously backed up using the database backup script automysqlback_si.bat

Note: It is recommended that the restore is done on a machine running the same Vigor ACS version as the backup. If restoring a backup to a server running a newer Vigor ACS version then an 'upgrade' installation should be re-run on top of the installation after the restore has completed. Please contact support for any assistance.


These instructions explain how to restore a ACS-SI database in Linux

(Note, if your file extension is ".gz", please decompress it first)

1. Logon to the Vigor ACS-SI server as root

2. Locate the backup file. This may be in a folder name "/root/temp/mysqlbackups". Make a note of the location and backup file name.

3. In Linux, change path to /usr/local/vigoracs/VigorACS/dbutil/BackupRestoreScript/SI/Linux

4. Run mysqlrestore.sh /root/temp/mysqlbackups/now/tr069/tr069_2015-11-23_15h22m.Monday.sql

5. Logon to Vigor ACS-SI and check if database restore was successful.

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