XV. VigorACS and VigorConnect

Self Hosted ACS-SI Installation (Windows/Linux)

Vigor ACS

Self Hosted ACS Installation

ACS-SI is our Centralised Management platform for managing DrayTek routers, firewalls, and Access Points. It provides system administrators with real-time monitoring, instant or scheduled configuration roll outs, and reporting capabilities. ACS supports TR-069 protocol which is supported on all current DrayTek models.

A 30-day fully functional free trial version of ACS-SI software is available to qualifying partners or enterprises. ACS-SI is available for Windows (desktop or server OS) or Linux platforms. A fixed public IP address and reliable always-on Internet connection is recommended. You can install your ACS-SI server on your own server, in a data centre, or choose our hosted service. This article goes through the process of installing ACS on your own self hosted server


There are two folders in the self hosted ACS-SI software zip file.


- Software

The Software folder contains the two main components required by ACS; Java application, and Mariadb

Java is installed first:

Leave options at default

You can keep the default installation folder, or change it if you prefer.

Once Java has completed its installation, Mariadb can be installed:

Mariadb options may be left to these default installation settings

Its important to choose a Mariadb password that can be easily typed in as it will be required when installing the ACS software itself. The password is case sensitive. We suggest you make a note of this password exactly as you've typed it.

These options can be left as default

Check this option is you wish to send usage information to Mariadb

This completes the installation of the two components required by ACS-SI

The next stage of the installation is to install ACS-SI itself. The setup.exe file is found in the /ACS folder.

In this screen, selecting Rebuild Database will create a new SQL database for Vigor ACS.

Enter the Mariadb root password used when Mariadb was installed. Remember it's case sensitive and must be exactly the password entered when Mariadb was installed

Max and Min Memory depends on the number of hosts there will be in the ACS server, and the available memory installed in it.

This setup screen allows you change the default access port for the ACS server.

Click Install this will install and complete the server installation of ACS-SI

During installation, various screens will appear, these will include Windows and cmd. The final screen will be this one...

press any key to continue.

With the above installation of ACS-SI is complete. You can access the server by the servers IP address, the loop back IP address, or my using the public IP address of the server. The next stage is to register the server with an MyVigor account.