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A single password provides just one layer of security because users can save their credentials on their computer, write it down on a paper or be seen typing it. Hence, two-factor authentication is recommended to increase the security of your VigorACS 2 accounts.
This article demonstrates how to enable Two-factor authentication for VigorACS 2 users.

1. Login to your ACS server. Then open Account Centre (the top right section):

kb acs2 2fa 01

2. Click Two-factor Authentication:
kb acs2 2fa 02

  1. Turn on Two Factor Authentication.
  2. Download and install Google Authenticator (iOS/Android).
  3. Scan a barcode or manually input the secret key.
  4. Click the Save button to confirm the code generated by the App.

kb acs2 2fa 03

3. Logout and then login again to make sure that Two-factor authentication works on your VigorACS account.

4. Enter the Verify Code generated by the app.

kb acs2 2fa 04

Note: The verification code keeps changing automatically every 30 seconds or so. Make sure that the verification code is still valid before you enter it while accessing your VigorACS account.

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