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How to create a new Network in VigorACS 2

DrayTek's VigorACS system groups CPEs (Customer Premises Equipment, consisting of Routers and VigorAPs) into Networks, which are used to manage multiple groups of CPEs across multiple sites and/or companies.

When a DrayTek CPE connects to VigorACS, the "Network" it joins is initially determined by the CPE by specifying the ACS Server's Username and Password on the device. If the Username and Password are accepted by the VigorACS server, the CPE then joins the Network that matches those credentials.

To view and manage the Networks available on the VigorACS server, go to [SYSTEM MENU] > [Network Management].

In the example below, the Root Network has a default Username of "acs" and a default Password of "password"; CPEs connecting with these credentials will join the Root Network:

Create a new Network

To create additional Networks for use in VigorACS, access the VigorACS management console and go to [SYSTEM MENU] > [Network Management]:

Select an existing Network that will have this new Network as its parent, in this example, no other networks have yet been created, so the Parent Network is the Root Network.

Click "+ Add New Network":

This will pop-up a window in VigorACS to specify details for this new Network.

  • Specify the Name of the new network
  • The Location specifies a default location for CPEs that join the group, which defines their location in the Map View.
  • The User Name is the username that CPEs will join with.
  • The Password is the authentication password that CPEs will need to supply to join this Network.

All of these details can be changed after creatiing the Network, if required.

Click +Add to save the new Network and it will appear in the list of Networks.

CPEs can now join this Network by specifying the ACS Server Username and Password credentials in their [System Maintenance] > [TR-069] configuration:

Alternatively, CPEs can be moved between Networks through VigorACS by going to [SYSTEM MENU] > [Network Management], simply drag & drop CPEs from one network to another and VigorACS will perform all the configuration changes necessary to move between Networks.

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