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VigorACS 2 - Connect a VigorAP Wireless Access Point to VigorACS as a CPE

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There may be many DrayTek routers, firewalls, switches and wireless access points deployed in the networks you're managing.

VigorACS 2 is designed to centrally manage and provision all of your DrayTek networking devices, with centralised device management through the standard TR-069 protocol, enabling you to make configuration changes to individual devices or to roll out mass configuration changes to many devices. For further details on the VigorACS 2 centralised management platform, click here

Connecting a VigorAP to VigorACS 2 as a CPE (Consumer Premises Equipment) node allows you to remotely configure the VigorAP as if it was being managed locally, as well as schedule tasks for groups of VigorAPs, such as firmware upgrades.

This article demonstrates how to configure DrayTek VigorAP access points to connect to VigorACS, or alternatively, use the DrayTek Vigor router they're connected to to provision the VigorACS details to each connected VigorAP.

Configuration of a VigorACS Network

To connect a DrayTek VigorAP to VigorACS, it will need to authenticate with the server with a Username and Password to join a Network (or Group).

By default, the ACS server's Root Network has a Username of "acs" and a Password of "password".
The network that a router joins initially is determined by the Username and Password specified

In the VigorACS 2 management console, go to [Server] > [Network Management].

In the example below, a router connecting to VigorACS 2 with a Username and Password of acs/password will join the "ACS2 Net" Network.

Connecting a VigorAP to VigorACS

Log in to the VigorAP Access Point's web interface and select this menu:

[System Maintenance] -> [TR-069]

Then complete the VigorACS server details, as shown in the example below.

Ensure STUN setting is enabled and the STUN server IP address is entered. (STUN IP is the IP address of the Vigor ACS server). On the VigorACS Server, ensure that inbound traffic to UDP port 3478 is permitted. If there is a firewall in front of the VigorACS Server then the firewall would need to allow UDP port 3478 through.

In this example the VigorACS servers IP address is

URL: https://<IP address or Hostname>/ACSServer/services/ACSServlet

The Username and Password should be set to match the credentials which were set in VigorACS for the network the Access Point is being placed into.

Provisioning VigorACS Configuration with a Vigor Router

An alternative to setting up each Access Point with the TR-069 settings, is to use a DrayTek Router with wireless management to set the TR-069 parameters on all Access Points within its management.

On the Vigor router that the APs are connected to, go to:

[System Maintenance] -> [TR-069]

Enter the TR-069 parameter, and enable apply settings to APs. Please note the admin logon password for all APs must be the same for the controller to add these TR-069 parameters to the APs.

The screen shot below is an example of the settings, where is the IP address used to connect to the VigorACS server. Enter the IP address or hostname (i.e. acs.example.com) for your VigorACS server.

It's generally recommended to enable STUN for the APs if they will be connecting over the Internet / NAT.

The password for each AP will need to be the same, and if the setting are made to Access Points on a default setting then the password will be "admin".

Once the unit is in ACS, you may create profiles with a more secure password and roll this out to the required Access Points.


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