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Backing up and restoring Router Configuration with VigorACS 2

VigorACS 2 can be used to take and restore router configuration backups.

This can either be performaned manually using VigorACS to backup a single CPE, or in bulk to backup a number of CPE's in one go.

Backing up a single CPE Config

Perform a manual Configuration Backup on a single CPE through VigorACS 2

There are two ways to take an immediate configuration backup from a single CPE (Router or VigorAP) and store it on the VigorACS system or download it.

The quick method is to access the Vigor ACS [Device Menu] > [Dashboard] view for that CPE and use the options available in the Quick Tools section to back up the CPE's current configuration to the VigorACS server:

The other method is to go to the VigorACS [Device Menu] > [Configuration] > [System] > [Maintenance] menu for the CPE.

  • Backup Config to immediately backup the configuration from the unit to the VigorACS server's filesystem
  • Download Config will download the CPE's current configuration to your web browser

This will then perform the configuration backup for the CPE:

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