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VigorACS 2 - Moving a device from acs.draytek.co.uk to acs2.draytek.co.uk

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Moving a device from acs.draytek.co.uk to acs2.draytek.co.uk

If you are using the Hosted by DrayTek VigorACS service you can use VigorACS 1 to move the device into VigorACS 2.

Log into your VigorACS account on VigorACS 1 and browse to the device. Then in the menu select [System] > [TR069 Setting]

In the TR069 menu, enter the ACS Server:URL as shown below:


The other detail should not need to be changed because the VigorACS 2 server has been setup with the same networks as exists on VigorACS 1.

Click Save and VigorACS will apply the setting change to the device.

The result of the change can be checked via [Logs] > [Device Action] > [SetParameterLog]

NOTE: If the device is behind NAT and currently uses acs.dryatek.co.uk as the STUN Server Address then this will need to be manually changed to acs2.draytek.co.uk via the devices Web UI.

Once the parameter has been set the device will log into the new VigorACS server. If it does not appear then check the following in the [System Maintenance] [TR069] page on the device.

1. The full URL has been entered correctly. Note that it is case sensitive.

2. Username and Password matches the network name. This can be checked via the Network menu on VigorACS 2

3. The device is able to ping acs2.draytek.co.uk from [Diagnostics] > [Ping Diagnostics]

Disabling monitoring of the device on Vigor ACS 1

You may want to disable the node on Vigor ACS 1 to avoid any DeviceLostConnection alerts from VigorACS 1. To do this select the Admin menu as shown below

Then browse to the device and select it to bring up the DeviceManagement menu. On this menu set the Status to Disable to deactivate monitoring of the device. Alternatively, to completed delete the device from ACS1 select the trashcan icon. This will delete the record of the device and any corresponding logs from Vigor ACS1.

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