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Activating a Self-Hosted Subcription Node Extension

The VigorACS 2 Server is licenced based on a set number of nodes. If you have purchased a node extension to add additional nodes to your VigorACS 2 server, then the steps below can be followed to activate the additional nodes on your server.

To activate the licence key you will need your MyVigor login details that were used when the VigorACS 2 server was first activated. The initial activation associates the licence management of the server with one MyVigor account. A different MyVigor account can't be used to manage the server so it's important that the correct MyVigor account is used during the activation process.

If you are unsure of these credentials then you can reset your password via the MyVigor site https://myvigor.draytek.com/ but if you're unsure which e-mail or MyVigor login is associated with the server then please contact support for assistance and let them know the Host ID and License ID listed in the [About] > [License Inforamtion] menu on the VigorACS 2 server.

Step 1 Initiate License Activation

Log into your VigorACS 2 server with an administrator account and browse to [About] > [License Information]

Click on "+ Click here to activate license"

You will be redirected to the MyVigor website and prompted to log in.

Step 2 Add Extend Key

After you log into MyVigor, your Device information will be listed. If no information is listed then the wrong MyVigor account has been used to log in. Double check the MyVigor account that you're using.

Click on Add Extend Key if you have a licence which is a node extension licence. A node extension licence will add addition nodes to the existing licence and not change the expiry date.

Input your licence key and press Add License

Check that the licence is for the correct number of additional nodes and select Next

Agree to the terms and conditions and select Next

Verify that the start date is correct. The Start date should be the date the original license was activated. IT MUST NOT DISPLAY TODAYS DATE. If the date is incorrect then double-check that Add Extend Key was selected in the previous step and that Add Main key was not chosen by mistake. You can click Cancel to restart the process.

Check that the details are correct and click Confirm

Step 3 Activate License on Server

The licence will be applied to the MyVigor account and a confirmation message will appears. When you click login to ACS you will be redirected to your VigorACS 2 server log in and on logging in the licence will be re-applied to the server. If an error message appears then contact UK Support so that they can assist. The information they'll need is the MyVigor account username, Host ID, existing Licence ID, and details of the licence that is being applied.

After logging into VigorACS 2, browse to [About] > [License Information] and check that the licence information is correct.

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