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The DrayTek VigorACS 3 central management system has multiple levels of access for user accounts, to control the changes that User accounts can make.

For a full overview of the access levels available to each type of user account, see this article: VigorACS - User Role Privileges

This article focuses on user administration, specifically there are two user account types that can add new user accounts in Vigor ACS:

System Administrator
  • An account that can manage all Users and Groups on the VigorACS server.
  • Can assign users to any user Group or groups.
  • New user accounts created by a System Administrator must be manually assigned to a user group
Group Administrator
  • An administrator of a single Group in VigorACS.
  • Can perform user administration for that group only.
  • Can add new user accounts to the group.
  • Users created by a Group Administrator are automatically assigned to the user group.

Ensure that you're logged into VigorACS with either a System or Group Administrator account to make new accounts.

To add new user accounts, click the  icon to expand the left side menu bar, then click on the User icon. Select [User Management] to load the User Management page.

acs3 adduser 1

 Click +Add to add a new User Profile:

acs3 adduser 9

 In Add User Profile, give the account a suitable Username, a secure Password and select the Role (privilege level) that the account will have access to.

Specify the email address and mobile number to use for notifications if desired.

To create the account, Enable it and click Create.

  • If the account has been created with a Group Administrator account, the account is ready to use and is added into that group automatically.
  • If a System Administrator creates the account, the user account must now be assigned to a Group before it can be used. Which is detailed in the next section.


Assigning Users to Groups

This step applies to System Administrators accounts only.

Now that the user account has been created, assign it to the required Group(s) from the menu > [User] > [Group Management]:

Go to the Management tab, select the User Group to add the account to and click on the Users drop-down box to select a user account:  

Now that the account has been assigned to a Group, it is ready for use.

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