XV. VigorACS and VigorConnect

How to copy parameters from one router to another using Vigor ACS-SI

Vigor ACS
Copy Parameter

VigorACS is a powerful centralised management platform for performing various tasks on your deployed DrayTek routers and firewall devices. It can perform tasks such as configuration backups, scheduled restores, and mass configuration changes. One of the key features of VigorACS is the ability to copy settings from one device to another. This knowledgebase article explains how to perform copying parameters from one router to another same model router using VigorACS

Copy Parameter

How to use Copy Parameter

In this knowledgebase article, we will use three 2920 routers A, B, C. Settings from A will be copied to B and C.

First task is to set the parameter that you like to copy on 2920_A. This can be done through the normal web GUI (or set via ACS). In this example we will set a port redirection on 2920_A.

Now log on to VigorACS, and select 2920_A. Select the [System] tab, then [Copy parameter]

Whilst 2920_A is still highlighted in the Networks and Devices view in the left hand view (1), in the Select devices identify 2920_B, and 2920_C, enter a tick in the copy column for those devices. This indicates parameters from 2920_A will be copied to 2920_B and 2920_C. Select Next to continue.

On the next setup screen, select the function you want to copy fro 2920_A, in this example its the NAT option in the drop down list

Double click the NAT option, you can now see all the NAT parameters. Drag and drop them in the Selected Parameter view in the central on the screen. Now select Next

VigorACS will display all the parameters for the device, and will now show the target routers for the copy parameter. (2920_B and 2920_C).

In the above screen of the parameters, you can change the value of the parameter for each device by highlighting the parameter that you wish to change and adding the new value, the device can be selected by the device tab at the top of the screen. To complete the copy, select Finish.

VigorACS will confirm the copy Add Success

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