XV. VigorACS and VigorConnect

Upgrading Router Firmware using VigorACS

Vigor ACS
Firmware Upgrade

VigorACS is a powerful centralised management platform for performing various tasks on your deployed DrayTek routers and firewall devices. It can perform tasks such as configuration backups, scheduled restores, and mass configuration changes. One of the key features of VigorACS is the ability to perform firmware upgrades on an individual router or firmware upgrade a range of routers including selected groups. This knowledgebase article explains how to perform firmware upgrades on DrayTek routers using VigorACS.

VigorACS offers a few different method through which a firmware upgrade can be conducted:

1. Using the Wizard

2. Individually using the System Tab

3. Using Provisioning menu

Before you begin a firmware upgrade the firmware file should be available in Vigor ACS. To upload a firmware file into Vigor ACS go to [Provision] > [General] and select the upload tab.

Using Wizard

Using the Wizard

The Firmware Upgrade wizard offers a convinent and quick way to push a single firmware upgrade out to a selection of units. The firmware upgrade can be triggered to occur immediately or to occur at a scheduled time.

To upgrade the firmware on a router using the Wizard, select the [Device] tab.

Then [Wizards] > [Firmware] > [Firmware Upgrade]

Select the routers "Model name" from the drop down list, add a descirption for the "Job name" and "Upgrade version"

File: Select the firmware file.

Updgrade Time: Set NOW to start the firmware upgrade immediately or SCHEDULE to start the upgrade at a set time

Select the routers you like to firmware upgrade from the devices view.

Finally, click the "apply" to begin the upgrade progress.

The logs for the firmware upgrade wizard are stored via [Logs] > Device Action > FirmwareUpgradeWizard and the status field will give info on the result of the firmware upgrade

No Upgrade - The upgrade has not been started. This may because the start time has not been reached or if the unit has not reported into Vigor ACS yet.

Upgrade Finish - The upgrade has finished successfully

Upgrade Processing - The upgrade in is process

Upgrade Fail - The upgrade did not complete sucessfully. Check the unit's status via the Device menu.

Click on the Details button in the top bar of the log for further information.

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