II. Resetting & Router Firmware

How do I change the router's admin username or password?

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How do I change the router password?

You must change the default admin password for your router as soon as possible to prevent unauthorised persons or software from accessing the router and changing or viewing your settings. DrayTek routers come with a default username and password (admin / admin in most cases) for convenience in initial access but you should change it immediately and definitely before you allow any remote management/admin.

When changing it, do be sure to remember your new password as there is no way to retrieve it if forgotten. If you do forget it, you can clear all settings, including the password if you really need to, but you then have to set up the router from scratch.

To change the router's admin password, the process is similar for most models.

Go to [System Maintenance] > [Admin Setting].

Enter the existing password in the Old Password box, then put the new password in both the New Password and Confirm Password boxes. Click OK to apply the change.

The router will then display this message to indicate that the password has changed. The new password will need to be used when next logging into the router's web interface:

If the router is set back to factory default settings, the router will have the default password instead of the password configured. To set the router back to its factory default settings, hold down the Factory Default button on the front of the router until the ACT LED flashes rapidly.

How do I change the username for administrating the router?

DrayOS firmware versions 3.6.4 and later allow for setting up different router administrator accounts.

To do this, go to [System Maintenance] > [Admin Setting]:

Ignore the Administrator Password section of this window.

Tick Local User to enable the options for setting up other accounts. Enter a suitable User Name and Password then confirm the password and click Add, this will then be in the Local User List and it's possible to edit or delete that user by selecting it and using the Edit or Delete buttons.

The Enable 'Admin' Login From WAN controls whether the router's default 'admin' user account can be used to log into the router when remote management is enabled. If it is disabled, only Local User accounts configured on this page will be able to log in to the router remotely, the 'admin' username will not be allowed to log in when the router is accessed remotely.
The account 'admin' account can still be used for local administration.

Click OK to save the contents of the Local User List and apply the changes.

When viewing the Admin Setting page, the router should then have that username in the Local User List:

When logging into the router, there will now be a Group option available, select 'admin' from the drop down box when logging in with an administrator account in the Local User List:


Vigor 2960 and Vigor 3900

These (non-DrayOS) models have slightly different menus but the web admin password changing is still in the same place:



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