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How to Create and Rollout an Access Point Profile using Vigor ACS-SI

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Access Point

Managing DrayTek Access Points via Vigor ACS-SI

Vigor ACS-SI is DrayTek's centralised Management platform. Vigor ACS-SI helps simplify management of DrayTek routers, firewalls and Access Points installed at different sites by allowing them to be centrally controled from a browser based management screen. DrayTek Access Points which support TR-069 such as the AP900 and AP910 can be managed via Vigor ACS-SI. The central management tool has introduced a feature allowing it to create Access Point configuration profiles and the ability to write those profiles to any selected DrayTek Access Points which are managed by Vigor ACS-SI Management.

This article explains the process for creating a wireless Access Point profile in Vigor ACS-SI, and how to write this profile to Access Points which are managed in Vigor ACS-SI

Creating Profiles

Creating an Access Point Profile

Logon to Vigor ACS-SI. You'll see the main logon screen as below.

Select the bottom tab [Provision], then [Global Parameters] -> [Parameters]

Add a new Global Parameter, save it, then select APM Wizard.

Complete the APM Settings for your wireless profile

The profile is now created and saved.  Multiple profiles can be created and saved for different sites. The profiles can have different settings, for example SSID names, security settings, and bandwidth controls. Select the next tab at the top of his article to apply to specific Access Points in Vigor ACS-SI.

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