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The DrayTek Vigor Access Points such as the Vigor AP-710, AP-810, AP-902, and Vigor AP-910C can be used as stand-alone access points or in conjunction with a DrayTek router. Thie article explains how to log find out the IP Address of the Vigro Access Point and how to log into it's Web Interface.

Default IP Address

By default the access point will requiest an IP Address via DHCP when it is powered on. If a DHCP server is available at the time of the VigorAP's boot then it will use that IP Address, but it could be allocated a different IP Address on subsequent boots so it is possible that the IP Address could change. If there is no network cable connected to the Access Point when it boots or if no DHCP server responds then the Vigor Access Point will default to an IP Address of

If the IP Address has been allocated to the Vigor Access Point by DHCP then the DHCP server should be checked to find out what IP Address the Vigor Access Point has been allocated. A useful alternative is to check the routers ARP Cache Table via the router Web UI [Diagnostics] >  [ARP Cache Table] menu and look for devices in the DHCP pool range which have a MAC Address starting with 00-1D-AA or 00-50-7F (these are DrayTek Vendor ID's). The Access Point's MAC Address is printed on the label on the underside (or reverse) of the unit as shown in the picture below:


In the screenshot below the device with IP has a MAC address starting 00-1D-AA, which means that it is a DrayTek device, and matches the MAC Address on the product label of the unit.


Web Interface

To log into the Access Point's Web Intercae browse to https://<IPAddress> replacing <IPAddress> with the Access Points IP Address. eg if the Access Point has not obtained an IP Address via DHCP and the log in page will appear. The default username is "admin", and by default password is "admin".

To find a newly installed DrayTek access point when it's connected to the network of a DrayTek router, use the [External Devices] menu on the router, which will show any DrayTek devices detected on the network along with their IP address. This makes it much simpler to find devices on the network, to enable it, tick the External Device Auto Discovery tickbox so that the router can discover DrayTek devices on the network:

From this screen it's possible to find the IP address of the AP and the uptime, it's also possible to access by the access point by clicking the On Line text, which will bring up the web interface of the AP in another window.

If the AP is using different username / password settings from defaults, it will be necessary to change those settings on the router by clicking the Account button.

Setting a fixed IP address on the Access Point

The DrayTek Vigor access points use DHCP by default so they will get an IP address from the DHCP server on the network. One way to set an IP address on the access point is to use the [LAN] > [Bind IP to MAC] feature if the DHCP server is a DrayTek router.

To set the IP address manually on the access point on a network where there is a DHCP server, go into the Access Point's web interface, in there go to [LAN] > [General Setup], on that page, it's possible to disable the DHCP function:

On this page, untick the Enable DHCP Client option to set the IP address manually - a Default Gateway address should be set if the access point will have schedules set so that it can access an internet time server to determine the correct time:
It's also possible to set a VLAN tag for the management interface of the access point, this should only be set on networks that require VLAN tags otherwise access to the access point will not be possible unless that VLAN tag is specified by the device accessing it.

Disabling AP Management on an Access Point

The Central AP Management feature allows a router to provision the access point and by default will allow it to auto provision, to disable this feature, go to [Central AP Management] > [General Setup] and untick the Enable AP Management option then click OK.

To disable this on an access point where it's not possible to access the web interface, or as a quick method to disable the AP Management feature, press the Wireless LAN/WPS button on the access point for 10 seconds, at which point the ACT light should go off for a second to indicate the change and the AP will come back online shortly.

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