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The DrayTek VigorBX 2000 supports 12 SIP Trunks with up to 50 Alias or DDI (Direct-Dial-In) numbers. An ITSP (Internet Telephone Service Provider) that provides SIP Trunks with multiple incoming numbers would present the number to the PBX system so that the VigorBX 2000 can route the call to the correct internal Group or Extension.

To utilitise this, the VigorBX 2000 must be configured with the numbers in the format that they are presented by the ITSP. This is set up from the [IP PBX] > [Trunks] > [SIP Trunk] menu, click the Alias List link to configure Alias / DDI numbers for SIP trunks:

In the Alias number list, select the first available Index number to configure an Alias number:

In the Alias Number configuration, set a suitable Name for the Alias to identify it and configure these settings:

  • Select Enable to enable the Alias number
  • Set the Alias Name to a suitable identifier for the number
  • Configure the Alias Number in the format that your ITSP have specified, i.e. if the ITSP specifies +441632960002, enter it as that number and not 01632960002. This is so that the PBX can identify the number, otherwise the PBX would send a "404 Not Found" response to the ITSP
  • The Labelling on Caller ID option specifies how the number is presented on Extension handsets when receiving calls
    - Display Alias Name displays the name of the Alias on the handset i.e. ** Sales **
    - Display Alias Number displays the Alias number on the handset i.e. ** 01632960002 **
  • Select the Alias of SIP Trunk option that corresponds with the SIP Trunk that the number is associated with
  • Set the Out-going call CLI setting to change the behaviour of Caller ID for outgoing calls
    - Main Number would use the SIP Trunk's main number as the caller ID for outgoing calls from extensions associated with this Alias number
    - Alias Number would use the Alias Number as the caller ID for outgoing calls from extensions associated with this Alias number
  • Specify the Answer Mode to control how the call is routed by the PBX when it receives a call on this number, in this example the Alias number is configured to route to the Hunt Group 100 at all times

Click OK to save and apply that change. Once the Alias number is configured, the PBX will route calls to the Alias number / DDI as specified in the Alias Number configuration.

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