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The DrayTek VigorBX 2000 can block incoming and outgoing calls using the Call Barring function. This can be used to block based on specific prefixes or operate as a whitelist for outbound calls. This links to the schedule facility on the PBX system so that the call barring can be configured to operate only at specified times.

This guide demonstrates how to configure the following on the DrayTek VigorBX 2000:

  • Incoming Calls - An example of blocking incoming calls from specified numbers / prefixes of numbers and can be configured to apply only to specific trunks or all SIP / PSTN trunks. Please note that the PBX system can only bar calls that it can identify the number of, if the call is received as an anonymous call, or if using a PSTN Trunk line that does not have Caller ID enabled on it, the PBX system will not be able to block calls with the specified numbers
  • Outgoing Calls - How to block outbound calls either by blocking specific numbers or operating as a whitelist so that only specified numbers can be called. This can be set to apply to specific Extensions or to Groups by applying to a Hunt Group
  • Premium Rate Calls - An example of how to block calls to premium rate numbers that start with 09
  • Anonymous Calls - The VigorBX 2000 can block calls that do not have a caller ID using this facility
  • Scheduling Call Barring - A demonstration of how the Call Barring functionality can be scheduled
  • Block Unknown Domain - The PBX system can block SIP messages from unknown IP addresses / servers using this facility

Incoming Calls

To set up Call Barring for incoming calls, go to [IP PBX] > [Dial Plan] > [Call Barring]:

In the Call Barring Setup, click on the first available Index number:

In the Call Barring Index, configure these options:

  • Tick the Enable option to enable the entry
  • Set the Call Direction to IN so that this affects incoming calls
  • Set the Barring Type to Number so that the PBX system identifies the call based on the telephone number
  • Set the Number either as a whole number, or if setting a prefix, enter the number followed by a "?" character, which operates as a wildcard and allows the partial number to work as a prefix
  • Specify the Interface as the trunk that the block will apply to, or select All to apply the block to all PSTN and SIP trunks that the call could be received on

Click OK to save and apply the call barring configuration.

When the PBX system receives a call from a number that matches the number specified, the PBX will reject the call by giving a Busy response to the caller.

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