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The DrayTek VigorBX 2000 is a SIP compliant IP PBX system with up to 50 Extensions and any SIP Compliant IP phone or soft-phone can be registered with the PBX system once an extension profile has been configured on the PBX system.

The Cisco SPA handsets have been tested with the VigorBX 2000 and have been found to work well once configured. The information in each tab covers the configuration changes required for a Cisco SPA handset to work well with the PBX system.

To configure a Cisco SPA handset, access the Handset's web interface and go to Admin mode by clicking the Admin Login link. The settings in this guide were configured from Basic Mode:


Create an Extension profile on the VigorBX 2000 by going to the [IP PBX] > [Extensions] menu, then click on the first available Index number to configure the Extension Profile:

When configuring the Cisco SPA handset, configure these settings under the Ext 1 tab:

Proxy Set this to the IP address of the PBX system, followed by the port number, in the format of ""
Register Yes
Registration Expiry 3600
Display Name The name displayed on the handset's display, this can be different from the Display Name setting on the PBX's Extension Profile
User ID This is the Extension Number configured on the PBX System's Extension Profile
Password This is the Password configured in the PBX system's Extension Profile
Use Auth ID Set this to No, however if the PBX has the "Use Display Name as Authentication ID" set this to yes
Auth ID Leave this blank unless the "Use Display Name as Authentication ID" option is enabled in the PBX system's Extension Profile

Once the settings are saved on the Cisco SPA handset and the details match the Extension Profile on the PBX system, the handset should be able to make and receive calls.

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