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How to log into your VigorBX 2000 IPPBX

To log into the VigorBX 2000 initially and configure it from the factory default state, plug a LAN cable from the PC into one of the LAN ports of the VigorBX-2000. The PC should automatically receive an IP address in the 192.168.1.x subnet. If it does not, set the IP address manually.

Use your standard browser (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome etc.) to access the VigorBX 2000's default IP Address of by entering the address into the browser's Address Bar:

  • Username - The default username is "admin"
  • Password - The default password is "admin"
  • Validation Code - This improves security of the VigorBX 2000 by ensuring that a human is accessing the PBX system and not an automated system. Enter the numbers as they are displayed in the validation code image, which generates a new code each time the login page is accessed.

Click Login to login and configure the VigorBX 2000.

Securing the PBX system with a password to replace the factory default password is strongly recommended when first accessing the IP-PBX system and this can be configured from [System Maintenance] > [Administrator Password].

This will change the password for the PBX system's "admin" account. Enter the original password of "admin" into the Old Password field then enter the new password into the New Password and Confirm Password fields. This password has a maximum length of 23 alphanumeric characters:

Click OK to save the setting.

Upon logging out of the web interface, which will happen after 5 minutes of inactivity by default, the PBX system will present the login page and it will be necessary to use the new password to log in to the "admin" account.

IMPORTANT: The password set on the VigorBX 2000 can not be bypassed or recovered if forgotten, it is strongly recommended to note the password to ensure this does not occur. In the event that the password is forgotten or unavailable, the only way to regain management access to the PBX system would be to set the system back to factory default settings and manually reconfigure.

Additional Management Configuration Guides:

Configuring additional management user names on the VigorBX 2000

Configuring additional management user accounts on the VigorBX 2000 can improve security when an additional user is configured and the default "admin" account is no longer used for remote management. This is controlled via the Enable "Admin" Login From WAN option, if this option is unticked, the VigorBX 2000 will no longer allow the "admin" account to be used for remote administration and it will be necessary to log in remotely using the configured user name(s).

Configuring Remote Management on the VigorBX 2000

Remote management is not enabled on the VigorBX 2000 by default, this guide demonstrates how to enable the facility and explains what each setting on the [System Maintenance] > [Management] page controls.

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