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The DrayTek VigorBX 2000 supports three different Answer Modes, which are used to route incoming calls differently at different times of the day, for SIP trunks, PSTN trunks and Alias / DDI numbers, to cater for times when a company is open, closed or is closed for a holiday.

The default state, with no Office Hours periods configured, is for the PBX to use the Non-Office Hours Answer Mode.

To use the Office Hours Answer Mode on the PBX system, it is necessary to have accurate time on the PBX system for it to apply the Office Hours settings at the correct time periods.

These can operate on different days of the week, with each Office Hours entry having a start time and end time specified in Hours and Minutes.

Answer Modes

  • Office Hours: This mode will be used when the PBX has an Office Hours entry active and the PBX's clock is within the time periods specified
  • Non-Office Hours: This mode will be used when there is no Office Hours entry active, this is the default state for the PBX system
  • Holiday: This mode is used on days specified in the Holidays section of the Office Hours configuration. This allows the PBX to handle calls differently and play a specified User Prompt on the date of that holiday entry

Office Hours

To configure Office Hours on the PBX system, it is necessary to set the time on the PBX system accurately. Checking the correct time is performed using NTP (Network Time Protocol) when the PBX system is restarted and assumes that the PBX system has an internet connection. To configure this, go to [System Maintenance] > [Time and Date], configure the Time Setup to "Use Internet Time". Tick the Enable Daylight Saving option and click OK to save and apply that setting change.

The Current System Time should change shortly after to show the correct time.

Once that is configured, go to [IP PBX] > [PBX System] > [Office Hours]:

In there, tick Enable for the Office Hours entries required and specify the days on which the entries would apply.

This example shows a company that would open its telephone lines at 9:00AM on weekdays, close at 12:00PM for lunch, re-open at 1:00PM and close for the day at 5:30PM.

There are two additional entries for opening hours on Saturday and Sunday.

Click OK to save and apply the changes to Office Hours.

The PBX system will then use the Office Hours Answer Mode during the hours specified.

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