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When an Extension is registered with the VigorBX 2000, it will be able to receive calls once the PBX system is configured to route calls to it. It will also be able to call other Extensions registered with the PBX system and the Hunt Groups configured.

Making external or outbound calls has some pre-requisites before the Extension will be able to call out:

  • Available Trunk - The PBX system must have a working SIP Trunk or PSTN Trunk configured
  • Permissions - The PBX does not allow the Extension to use these Trunk lines to make calls by default. These must be specified for each Extension profile to be able to make calls with that Trunk. Each Extension can receive calls from any Trunk configured on the PBX system.
  • Default Trunk - Each Extension profile has a Default Trunk setting; when specified, calls made will be routed using the Default Trunk selected. If a Digit Map entry matches the number dialled, this takes effect instead of the Default Trunk setting
  • Digit Map - The Digit Map facility matches numbers dialled by Extensions, if a number matches a Digit Map entry, it routes the call depending on the Trunk specified in the Digit Map entry and alters the number as configured. More details on this functionality can be found here: Digit Map Examples

To set up an Extension so that it can make calls to external numbers, first of all go to [IP PBX] > [Extension] and select the Index. number to modify:

In the Extension Profile, select the SIP and PSTN Trunks that the extension can make calls with. It is also possible to set the Default Trunk for this extension, which will allow the extension to make calls if no Digit Map or Trunk Number (i.e. dialling 001 to select SIP Trunk 1, then dialling the number) are specified when calling.

Click OK to save and apply that profile change.

To use a particular Trunk without specifying it on a per-account basis, configure the Digit Map. This is located under [IP PBX] > [Dial Plan] > [Digit Map].

In the Digit Map configuration, to create an entry that will match any number dialled, enter these settings:

  • Enable the Digit Map entry
  • Set the Match Prefix to "?" - this is a wildcard and will match any number
  • Set the Method to None - this does not alter the number
  • Set the Min Len to 1 - this will match numbers that are at least 1 digit in length
  • Set the Max Len to 15 - this will match numbers that are at most 15 digits in length
  • Specify the Trunk to use
  • Specify the Backup Trunk, which will be used if the primary Trunk is unavailable or offline

Click OK to save and apply that entry.

For more examples of Digit Map configurations, refer to: Digit Map Examples

Once these settings have been configured, the Extension will be able to call through the SIP or PSTN trunks when dialling external numbers.

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