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DNS Forwarding
Private DNS server

Network Administrators may use a private DNS server to resolve domain names for managing the domain names the clients can access; however, clients may change their DNS server IP manually. In such cases, we may use the LAN DNS Forwarding function on Vigor Router. Then no matter what the DNS server IP the client uses, Vigor Router will forward the DNS query to the private DNS server.

PrivateDNS Example

To setup LAN DNS Forwarding, go to [Applications] > [LAN DNS / DNS Forwarding], and click on the first available Index number to add/edit a profile.

PrivateDNS SelectProfile

On the profile index screen:

  • Enable this profile.
  • Enter the Profile Name.
  • Select DNS Forwarding for the Type.
  • Enter the Domain Name as * (if we want to forward all DNS queries.)
  • Enter the IP address of the private DNS server at the DNS Server IP field.
  • Click OK to save the profile.

PrivateDNS DNSForwardingSettings

To verify this function, we use the LAN Port Mirror to copy the WAN and LAN traffic. From the captured packets, we can see when a LAN client sends a DNS query for “client.wins.windows.com” to a public DNS server, the request will be forwarded to the Private DNS server at IP “”. 

PrivateDNS Verification

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