VII. Router Diagnostics

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DrayTek Syslog Utility Categories


The DrayTek Syslog utility is a DrayTek specific diagnostic and logging tool designed to record and interpret Syslog messages sent by DrayTek routers and other DrayTek products. Syslog is a simple messaging protocol designed to send human readable messages from network devices to a Syslog daemon (a listening/capturing program) and displayed or logged to a file.

The DrayTek Syslog utility separates these syslog messages from DrayTek routers & access points into their appropriate categories with sub-categories available for some sections:

DrayTek products separate their syslog messages into different groups by setting the Prefix in the syslog message. This is used by all syslog implementations to determine the purpose and importance of a syslog message when it is sent. The category that each message is displayed in, and the items that fit into those sections are detailed in the table below. The numeric prefix and Syslog Facility levels can be used to determine the purpose of a DrayTek syslog message when using Syslog daemons (servers or applications, i.e. syslog-ng) other than the DrayTek Syslog utility:

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