XIV. Miscellaneous Questions

The drayteknews.co.uk domain

TL;DR - Yes
drayteknews.co.uk is a legitimate domain
go directly to our main web site (not using a hotlink) and locate supporting information directly
or email us to check.   In the age of spam and phishing attacks
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TL;DR - Yes, drayteknews.co.uk is a legitimate domain, owned by us.  If you are ever unsure of an email from us, go directly to our main web site (not using a hotlink) and locate supporting information directly, or email us to check.

In the age of spam and phishing attacks, users are always encouraged to check for signs that an email might be a fake.   One sign can be that it's an unexpected email, from a sender or domain that you don't normally receive from - so you might be unfamiliar with drayteknews.co.uk. 

If you receive a security alert which appears to be from us (using our logo or domain etc.) but there's no reference to it on our web site, then it may be a scam. We never give direct firmware links (to binaries) in our emails. We always send you to our web site or pages where you can check the TLS/certificates of the site.  You should not download firmware or software from anywhere other than our official web sites.

Why do we use a different domain for bulk emails?

When we send bulk emails, such as alerts or newsletters, they will normally come from a different server (not draytek.co.uk) which is drayteknews.co.uk. That server is separate from our normal mail/web server and therefore if we used the main domain, it would not resolve to the correct server. Reverse DNS checking, as that is known, would identify such emails as possible forgeries and far more of our emails would end up being falsely identified as spam.  Therefore the drayteknews.co.uk address correctly resolves back to the sending server.


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