VII. Router Diagnostics

How to collect DSL debug logs on Vigor 166

Vigor 166
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DrayTek UK compatible devices such as Vigor 166 support console DSL debug logs collection. This feature can be helpful with troubleshooting DSL synch issues, and is available since 4.2.3 firmware.
This article depicts steps needed to collect the DSL debug logs on Vigor166.

1. Open the web console connection and enter “adsl idle dti_on” command to enable the debug mode. Then type “sys reboot” to reboot your Vigor device.
kb 166 router mode 08

2. Your Vigor 166 should be responding within 30 seconds. Open the web console again and type “adsl idle dti_on”. The % Set Line0 dti debug log on message should be printed to the console
kb 166 router mode 02

3. Connect the VDSL line to Vigor166, then wait for 3-5 minutes

4. Go to [Diagnostics] > [DTI log download], and click Download to save the debug log. The log file name would be _dti_training_0_0.bin or similar.
kb 166 router mode 03

5. Enter the command “adsl idle dti_off” to quit the debug mode and “sys reboot” to reboot Vigor for making the configuration work.
kb 166 router mode 04 protocol fixedIP vlantag

If you were asked to follow this debug guide, please remember to include the following information for troubleshooting the DSL synch issue:

  • DSL issue description
  • Your ISP name and the location
  • DSL line type (ADSL2+, VDSL 17a, VDSL 35b)
  • Outputs of the following telnet commands: “adsl status” or “vdsl status”
  • Screenshots of a third party router's DSL status if available (this is to compare the synchronisation speed)

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