XVI. DSL Diagnostics

How to check ADSL / VDSL line statistics via the Web Interface

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The DrayTek Vigor 2860 and Vigor 2760 routers from firmware version 3.7.8 (VDSL modem code firmware versions only) are able to show more detailed DSL statistics in the web interface and shows statistics that would otherwise only be available in the router's command line interface.

It can also display a graph view of DSL interface's Tone Information, which shows the number of bits per tone and can be used to determine line quality.

VDSL Example

The DSL Status information can be found under [Diagnostics] > [DSL Status]  on the General tab.

Details on what each of these statistics signify can be found in this article.

The Tone Information can be viewed by going to the Tone Information tab, which will show a graphical representation of the number of bits per bin (frequency segment), this example shows a VDSL2 connection:

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I'd like to see an explanation of what a few of the fields mean, for example I found this whilst trying to find info on tone information, my graph unlike yours is steadily dropping, I'm guessing this is not good