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Fallback ISP Login Details with ADSL / VDSL Connections

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Fallback (or backup login details) allow a DrayTek Vigor router to attempt to connect to the Internet using a secondary username / password in the event that the primary details are not accepted. A common use for fallback logon details is when switching from one ISP to another without requiring on-site intervention when a switch-over occurs.

Fallback Account Behaviour

When enabled, the router will attempt to connect to the Internet with the primary credentials configured in the ISP Access Setup of the PPPoE / PPPoA settings. If this fails once, the router will try two more times (up to 3 attempts), then switch to the Fallback account details. If this is successful, the router would then have an Internet connection.

If the Fallback account credentials are also unsuccessful in establishing an Internet connection, the router will try the Fallback account again (up to 3 times), then switch back to the primary credentials and continue the cycle.

In the example below, the Syslog output of the router displays connection attempts on the Connection tab of the DrayTek Syslog Utility.

The router attempts to connect three times with the primary account details, then attempts the connection with the Fallback account credentials and is successful (newest entries are at the top of the list of syslog messages):

Fallback Account Configuration

To configure the Fallback Account details on the router, ensure that it has supporting firmware. The Fallback account is available with these firmware versions and any later releases.
It is recommended to run the current firmware release where possible.

Vigor 2830 fw
Vigor 2832 fw
Vigor 2860 fw 3.8.1
Vigor 2862 Initial Release
Vigor 2762 Initial Release

Go to [WAN] > [Internet Access]

Ensure that the Access Mode is set to PPPoE / PPPoA and click Details Page:


Enable the Fallback Account option and enter the Fallback Username & Password:

Click OK to save the setting change and the router will prompt to restart the router to apply the changes. Click OK to reboot the router and upon connection, the router will be able to use the Fallback account credentials if required.

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