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Changing the Admin password on a VigorSwitch G1241

VigorSwitch G1241
account management

The DrayTek VigorSwitch G1241 switch uses a default username of "admin" to access the web interface with a default password of "admin". It is not possible to disable or rename this account so it is recommended to secure the switch by changing this default password.

Access the web interface of the switch and log into the switch's management interface:

Expand the Maintenance menu and open the Account Manager:

On the account manager page:

  • Enter the "admin" in the User Name field to alter the details of the existing "admin" account
  • Set the Password Type to Encrypted
  • Enter the Password in the Password and Retype Password fields
  • Make sure that the Privilege Type is set to Admin

Click the Apply button to apply that change.

Click the Logout button and log out of the switch:

Log back into the switch using the new password:

Once it has been confirmed that the new password works, save the configuration of the switch from the Save menu on the switch, which will pop-up when moving the mouse over the Save button. Select Save Configuration to FLASH to save the configuration on the switch:

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