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Activating the GlobalView Web Content Filter 30-Day Trial

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IMPORTANT NOTE: DrayTek routers which support GlobalView come with a one-time 30-day free trial of GlobalView. If you have purchased a 12-month GlobalView subscription and wish to apply it before the trial period ends, the subscription license will begin once the trial expires.

A GlobalView subscription provides you with DrayTek's Web filtering service, where web sites are categorised according to content type so that your users, or groups of users are blocked from accessing those categories which you consider inappropriate or unsuitable. For further details of GlobalView, click here.

Globalview subscriptions are applied to the router through the MyVigor portal, which is used to manage DrayTek Vigor routers / software and subscriptions. This requires creating a MyVigor account and adding the router to your MyVigor account, as demonstrated in this guide.

Activating the GlobalView Web Content Filter 30-Day Trial

Before proceeding, check that the router is associated with your MyVigor account as shown in this guide.

To activate the GlobalView Web Content Filter 30-day trial, access your router's Web interface and select [CSM] > [Web Content Filter Profile]

This will display the current state of the Web Content Filtering license for the router, which will display '[Status : Not Activated]' initially.

Click the 'Activate' button shown:

That will take you directly to the MyVigor Web Portal login page. 

It is necessary to access the MyVigor portal through the router's web interface and not directly, for the router to pass required information to the MyVigor system.

Enter the requested captcha information and log in with your MyVigor account username and password:


Go to the [My Information] > [My Product] page, this shows the DrayTek products that are associated with your account, listed in order of serial number.

Click on the serial number of the router that you wish to activate the Web Content Filter Trial license on.

You can activate your 30-day trial once only (for each new router) so don't activate it until you're ready to use it.

The WCF - Cyren web content filtering service is used in the United Kingdom; the WCF - BPjM service cannot be used outside of Germany.

Click on the Cyren 'Trial' button:

Tick the check box to confirm that you are happy with the GlobalView terms and conditions:

Check the activation date, which should be the current date. To change the start date, click the Activation Date text box to select the desired date.

If the start date is set to a day in the future and the Firewall of the router has "Strict Security Firewall" enabled, the router will not allow Internet access until the day that the Web Content Filter license becomes active. This is because the "Enable Strict Security Firewall" option blocks access to the Internet if the router does not have an active Content Filtering service or is unable to access the GlobalView Web Content Filtering service.

Click the Register button to apply the license from the date specified:

Your trial subscription activation will be confirmed by the router's web interface:

Checking your subscription status

To view the state of the router's Web Content Filter license, go to [CSM] > [Web Content Filter Profile]. If the Web Content Filter service is active, the Status will display Cyren (this is the service that currently provides the GlobalView web filtering service. The start date and expiry date of the filter license are also shown.

When a Web Content Filtering license (trial or full) is active, the router's Web Content Filtering service can be used to filter Internet access through the router.

This guide demonstrates how to configure the Web Content Filter for use: Setting up the Web Content Filter and DNS Filter

There is additional information available in [System Maintenance] > [Activation], which displays log information for the router's connection to the DrayTek MyVigor service.

The license state can also be viewed in the MyVigor portal by selecting the router from the [My Information] > [My Product] menu.

The Status icon should display in yellow, this indicates that the service is active but has less than 30 days remaining. Clicking the On button will apply the license to the router if it is not currently applied or activated.

Activating a full GlobalView Subscription

At the end of your trial period, you will need to activate a new subscription in order to continue having the benefits of GlobalView. You can obtain a new subscription pack or key from your DrayTek dealer.

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