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Hotspot Web Portal - Overview

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The Hotspot Web Portal provides a convenient and configurable way control access to the Internet through the router's built-in wireless networks, or VLANs if using separate VigorAP Access Points.

Through Hotspot Web Portal, users are presented with a Welcome page with Terms and Conditions to accept before access to the Internet is granted. The authentication methods available can be set up to require that users provide their details, before they can access the Internet.

Each Hotspot Web Portal profile (up to 4 per router) supports extensive customisation of the interface displayed to users. Users that connect to the Hotspot network can be shown branding and details of the company providing the network, with terms and conditions or an acceptable use policy.

Login Methods

Hotspot Web Portal Login Methods

Hotspot Web Portal profiles applied to a network, VLAN or SSID can be configured with one of five modes, each one presents different options to users that connect to the Hotspot network:

Login MethodDescription
Skip Login Bypasses the Hotspot Web Portal Login screen and directs users to the configured Landing Page or displays the specified Bulletin Board message
Click Through Display branding for the network with a Welcome message and Terms and Conditions. The user must agree to the Terms and Conditions to proceed
Social Media Login Users can authenticate with their Google or Facebook account
SIM PIN Code Users can authenticate with a unique PIN code by sending a text message to their phone
Social & PIN Code Users can choose whether to authenticate with an SMS PIN Code or their social media account

Login Method Features

Each mode provides different options to users that connect to the Hotspot network, which are listed in the table below. Check the Customisation, Captive Portal & Redirection and User Experience tabs for examples of these facilities.

FeaturesSkip LoginClick-ThroughSMS PIN CodeSoclal LoginSocial & PIN Code
Welcome Message
Landing Page
HTTP Redirection
HTTPS Redirection
Custom Logo / Branding  
Accept Terms & Conditions  
Verify User Identity    
Captive Portal Detection      

Login Method Requirements

Some of the available modes of operation require that the router has access to external services to function:

RequirementsSkip LoginClick-ThroughSMS PIN CodeSoclal LoginSocial & PIN Code
Web SMS Provider w/credit      
Facebook or Google App ID      

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