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DrayTek's WAN budget feature can track the bandwidth usage per WAN and notify you, and optionally shut down the WAN, when the a set quota has been exceeded.

Some broadband services have an unlimited usage plan where there is no usage cap per month applied to the internet connection. However, some broadband services have a monthly allowance (typically as a quota in GBs) or are pay as you go (PAYG) services where the data allowance has to be topped up. PAYG internet connections are more commonly seen on mobile broadband data sims where you are inserting a USB Dongle into the router or a SIM into a DrayTek LTE ('L' variant) router which has a SIM slot.

If your internet connection has a limited data usage cap then the WAN budget feature can be a useful way to keep track of your usage and it can be helpful to be notified when the limit is close to being reached or has been exceeded.

Setup Budget: Choose WAN

On the router, navigate to [WAN] -> [WAN Budget]

Click on the WAN Index you'd like to apply a budget to.

Input the Quota Limit you'd like to set. To stop all traffic when the quota has been exceeded click on the "Shutdown WAN interface" checkbox. The quota can be set to reset after a defined period, in this example the quote set is reset on the 1st of each month. See the How to Setup Notification Object tab for instructions on how to enable e-mail notifications.

Check Budget Usage

To check how much bandwidth has been used go to [WAN] -> [WAN Budget], then tab over to [Status], you can enter a period that you like to check bandwidth usage for.

To Setup Email Notification

If you like email notification when the bandwidth budget is reached, you'll need to setup a mail server

Navigate to [Objects Settings] -> [SMS/Mail Service Object], tab over to [Mail server] and complete your mail server details

Next Navigate to [Objects Setting] -> [Notification Object]

Add entry for WAN Budget, as below

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