VI. Feature Setup

HVE290 - IR (Infra Red) Sensors & Emitters

VigorSwitch V1281
VigorSwitch V1281

HVE290 HDMI to IP Extender

IR (Infra Red) Sensors & Emitters

The HVE290 can transfer infra red remote control signals back from the TV location to the source device.  To do this, you need to install the optional IR devices. These come as a pair consisting of a sensor (attaches to the TV) and an emitter (connects to the source device - DVD, Cable box etc.)

Once installed, any output (TV location) can control the device (source) which is being viewed, assuming that you have a remote control available at that location. If you have remote controls in multiple rooms, each can control the source at the same time (which can lead to arguments :-) ).

If you install more than one IR pair, i.e. to multiple source devices which are identical or similar (from the same company) you should ensure that the IR emitter connected to the HVE290 sender is positioned correctly on the source device (where its IR window can receive signals) and use appropriate masking (black insulation tape can work) to isolate the IR signals so that they don't also trigger a difference source device.

The IR emitter and sensors have the same plugs as each other so it's important that you install them the right away around and also into the correct socket on the HVE290 (and not in the adjacent, unlabelled socket).  The photos below show you which is which. Note the shape of the IR emitter/sensor housing:

Above : This is the IR emitter which connects to the source device (DVD player etc.) and to the HVE290 sender unit.

Above : This is the IR sensor which connects to the output device (TV/projector) and to the HVE290 receiver unit.

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