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Prompt Maintenance
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The VigorIPPBX has internal memory to store User Prompts, System Prompts, Ring tones, Music on Hold and voicemail messages.

There are two types of files that can be uploaded to the VigorIPPBX internal memory, the systems IVR prompt and the User Prompts.

The IVR file contains the system prompts and ring tones that are used by the auto-attendant and IPPBX system. The IVR prompt would not normally need to be uploaded as the router will already have a copy of the IVR prompt when it is shipped. Some of the system prompts could be manually recorded over by using the analogue port and dialling into the system using ****. If you would like to reset the IVR prompt back to the default recordings upload a copy of the default IVR file

The other prompts type is for User Prompts, these prompts are the ones that are played by the auto-attendant as part of the greeting to external callers. There are 50 User Prompts; each can be individually recorded and uploaded into the system

Uploading Prompts

The prompts can be uploading from the [PBX System] > [Prompt Maintenance]. The file being uploaded should match the pre defined file name that is set in the system for each Prompt:

System Prompt File: v2820pbx_sysprompt.ivr
User Prompt File: v2820pbx_g711_userpromptXX.wav (where XX is replaced by 01~50 depending on the prompt number)

When recording a prompt to be used it is best to save it in the highest supported sample rate, which is 48k with 16 bits.

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