How do I use the VigorPhone with a headset?

VigorPhone 350
VigorPhone 350
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The VigorPhone can be used with a headset in addition to the handset. A headset is not included with the VigorPhone but it is compatible with standard phone headsets. To answer or make a call using the headset a user can press the Headset button on the front panel.

Any of the Plantronics H top headsets are compatible with the VigorPhone by using a U10P cable. The cable type required for other headset manufacturers may vary.

If callers can not hear the user when they are using a headset then it is most likely due to the cable type. Check with your headset manufacturer to confirm that you are using the correct cable type.

Connect the headset cable to the RJ-9 port below the unit that is marked with the headset image.

RJ-9 Headset jack

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