How do I set an administrator password on the VigorPhone 350?

VigorPhone 350
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The VigorPhone username and password can be set via the HTTP Web Interface. The default settings are:

username: admin
password: admin

By default the keypad input on the phone is set to numeric, if an alphanumeric password is set on the VigorPhone then the keypad entry will need to be changed to letter input. To change the input format on the keypad to character input press the # key. The keypad menu will display [ABC] on the right hand side of the screen to indicate that entry has been set to character input.

If the password has been forgotten then the VigorPhone will need to be factory reset. This can be done via the VigorPhones's keypad menu (See separate FAQ entry)

To set a new username and password log into the HTTP Web Interface and go to [System Settings] -> [Administrator Password]

Admin Password

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