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The VigorPhone 350 has 16 configurable soft-keys. These soft-keys can be used for either Speed Dial or BLF (Busy Lamp Field). If the soft-key has been set to BLF mode then the soft-key's the built-in LED indicator will light up to show the status of the extension it's programmed with

The SIP account that is used by the VigorPhone when the soft-key is dialled can be specified in the configuration. This can make it easy to dial specific numbers via a certain SIP account, and can be useful for calling a destination via the most suitable SIP Account.

The soft-keys can be configured via either the HTTP User Interface or the VigorPhone's keypad menu. Instructions explaining how to configure the soft-keys via the HTTP User Interface are included below. The Speed Dial configuration can be reached from the keypad menu using the following steps:

Press Menu -> Press 3 (Phone Settings) then enter -> Press 4 (Speed Dial) then enter

From the Web User Interface select [Phone Settings] -> [Speed Dial]

For each entry, select the mode for the soft-key (SpeedDial or BLF) and enter the number that should be dialled if the key is pressed. The number could be a valid extension or a PSTN, Mobile or International Number (If the IPPBX Trunk is able to reach the destination). The number does not need a # suffix, the number is automatically dialled by the VigorPhone on a keypress.

The account field will show the available accounts that can be chosen. Select the account that is required for each speed dial entry; this account will be used whenever the soft-key is pressed.

Speed Dial

In BFL mode the LED has 3 states:

Green LED: Extension is available
Red LED: Extension is busy
Flashing Red LED: Extension is ringing

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