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Full version (file name ends _FULL) firmware upgrades need to be upgraded using the firmware upgrade utility because of the size of the firmware file. Patch releases of the VigorPhone350 firmware can be upgraded through the phone's web interface.

(Read instructions first: firmware download links are available at the bottom of the page)

Version 12202.26.1.10 includes two updates, a boot loaded and full firmware. Depending on what firmare the unit is being upgraded from it may need to be upgraded using the firmware upgrade utility.

The VigorPhone350's current firmware version can be displayed through either the Web User Interface or via the keypad display. From the Web User Interface click on the VigorPhone350 top banner to show the system information.

System Information

From the keypad menu, press Menu -> Press 6 (System Settings) -> Press Select -> Press 4 (Firmware Version) -> Press select

vigorPhone Keypad Menu

WebUI based firmware upgrade

To upgrade the VigorPhone350 via the WebUI, go to the Firmware Upgrade menu and submit the upgrade file


One you have submitted the file, the VigorPhone will commence upgrading. Do not turn off the Phone or move away from the web page until the upgrade complete message has appeared.

Upgrade in progress

Upgrade in progress

Upgrade Complete

*** NOTE: Ensure that power to the device is not interrupted during an upgrade or the unit could be rendered inoperable ***

Upgrading using firmware upgrade utility

Note: Backup the VigorPhone 350 configuration. The upgrade process will reset the VigorPhone350 to factory defaults

While in the auto-upgrade mode, the VigorPhone 350 IP Address is

  1. Setup your computer to a static IP Address

    IP address:
    Subnet Mask:

  2. Power the VigorPhone 350 on while pressing the ENTER and MENU buttons simultaneously.

  3. The LCD on VigorPhone 350 will show “AUTO UPGRADE Wait for Image”

  4. Using the DrayTek firmware upgrade utility send the firmware to

    Upgrade Utility

  5. VigorPhone 350 LCD will show “AUTO UPGRADE Upgrade rootfs” after few seconds, then it will show “AUTO UPGRADE Upgrade kernel” ? “AUTO UPGRADE Upgrade Phone” ? “AUTO UPGRADE Upgrade Successful boot”.

  6. When the LCD shows “AUTO UPGRADE Upgrade Successful boot”, VigorPhone 350 will auto reboot.

  7. After the VigorPhone 350 has rebooted you can connect the VigorPhone 350's LAN port to your IPPBX and configure the phone as normal. It will be using factory default settings and receive an IP address via DHCP. If required, a saved cfg can then be restored to the phone.

Firmware Downloads

Latest Firmware

Upgrading to 12202.26.1.10 (latest version)

If unit is currently on a firmware version earlier than 12202.26.1.04 then first upgrade to 12202.26.1.04 via webUI.

f/w: 12202.26.1.04

Then upgrade to 12202.26.1.10 following instructions inside the zip

f/w: 12202.26.1.10

Older Versions

(not needed but included for completeness)

f/w: 12202.26.1.09
f/w: 12202.26.1.08
f/w: 12202.26.1.07
f/w: 12202.26.1.06
f/w: 12202.26.1.05C

The correct upgrade sequence for 03x versions (first to last) is:

f/w: 12202.26.1.03 (first)

f/w: 12202.26.1.03g
f/w: 12202.26.1.03h
f/w: 12202.26.1.03i (last)

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