DrayTek VDSL2 Setup with TalkTalk Business Fibre

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This setup guide demonstrates how to configure DrayTek VDSL2 modem and router products for use with the ISP TalkTalk Business on their "Business Fibre" package.

Vigor VDSL2 Routers

These instructions will explain how to configure the DrayTek router to connect to the ISP and establish an Internet connection.

The configuration in this guide requires connecting the VDSL2 line to the DrayTek router's WAN1 DSL port and the DSL LED should be continually lit on the router to indicate that it has sync with the line.

1. Access the DrayTek router's web interface via your web browser, which will be accessible on by default. Enter the username of "admin" and the default password of "admin".

2. Browse to [WAN] > [General Setup], click [WAN1] and Set the VDSL VLAN Tag insertion setting to Enable.

Set the Tag value setting to 101.

(Optional) The DSL mode can be set to "VDSL2 only" to speed up the time to sync with VDSL2 after restarting the router.

Click OK on that page to apply the changes.

2860 VDSL image 1

3. Go to [WAN] > [Internet Access], set the WAN1 mode to PPPoE / PPPoA and click the Details Page button to proceed:

2860 VDSL image 2

4. Select the Enable radio button at the top of the page to ensure that the PPPoE interface is enabled.

Input the username supplied by the ISP into the Username field and the ISP supplied password in the Password field. The Service Name does not need to be specified.

Click OK on this page to apply the changes and the router will then prompt to restart. Click OK to restart the router.

2860 VDSL image 3

5. Once the router has restarted, the [Online Status] > [Physical Connection] page will display the VDSL information and PPP connection status:

2860 VDSL image 4

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