VI. Feature Setup

Check the status of an LTE router with an SMS text message

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The LTE WAN modem of the Vigor 2860Ln router can connect directly to a mobile broadband network and operate as either a main internet connection or a backup internet connection. The modem is integrated into the router instead of using a separate USB modem and requires a SIM card to connect to the mobile broadband network required.

This facility makes it possible for the router to react and respond to SMS text messages received on its mobile telephone number.

The Reply with Router Status Message function makes the router send an SMS response with details of the router's Name, Uptime, Firmware and WAN Status with IP and Data Usage if it receives a text message in the correct format, which is "router status 1234", where 1234 would be the PIN number / password.
It must be secured with a pin number or password to operate and can be further restricted to act only if the correct message is received from specified telephone numbers.

Please Note that this facility requires that the SIM card used has credit to send SMS text messages. If the SIM card does not have credit, the router will receive the SMS text message but be unable to respond as the mobile network would reject the router's attempt to send SMS without credit.

To configure the status message feature, go to [LTE] > [Router Commands]:

In the Reply with Router Status Message section, tick Enable and enter a suitable PIN number or password. Click OK on that page to apply the setting.

To limit the use of the facility to specific numbers only, tick Access Control List and enter up to three allowed telephone numbers. Please note that these must be in international format with the country code (+44 for the UK) used in place of the 0, so "07775551234" becomes "+447775551234".

In the Message Contents section, tick the options required. Adding multiple options may exceed the 160 character limit of SMS, which will require the router to use two SMS messages to send the response. The SMS Number per Status Response displays how many messages are required to be used with the currently selected options.

In this example, these options have been selected:

  • Router Name
  • Router Up-Time
  • Firmware Version
  • WAN1 IP
  • WAN1 Data Usage
  • LTE Data Usage

To use this command from a mobile phone, send a text message containing "router status" (case sensitive) followed by the PIN / password:

When the router receives the message, it will respond with the status message containing the options that were selected:

  • Router Name - This is the router name that is configured under [System Maintenance] > [Management]
  • Router Up-Time - This shows the amount of time the router has been on-line for in Hours:Minutes:Seconds format. In this example, the router was restarted an hour ago.
  • Firmware Version - The current firmware version on the router
  • WAN1 IP - The IP address of the WAN1 interface, this currently shows because the WAN interface is offline
  • WAN1 Data Usage - This shows the data used by WAN1 since the router last restarted. It currently shows 0KB downloaded and 0KB uploaded because the WAN interface is offline
  • LTE Data Usage - This shows the data used by the LTE WAN interface since the router was last restarted, it shows 448KB Downloaded and 154KB Uploaded

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