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LTE Internet Setup on DrayTek LTE routers

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The LTE WAN interface of the Vigor routers with an "L" suffix, such as the Vigor 2862Lac can connect directly to a mobile broadband network and operate as either a main internet connection or a backup internet connection. The modem is integrated into the router instead of using a separate USB modem and requires a SIM card to connect to the mobile broadband network required.

The settings for the mobile broadband network will vary by provider, some will require the APN (Access Point Name) while others may require that and a username and password. If those details are not set, the mobile network may reject the connection attempts of the Vigor LTE router, which will result in the router showing no signal / no IP address.

To configure the LTE WAN interface on the router, it is first of all necessary to fit the SIM card in the router, this must be done while the router is powered off, the SIM card is not hot swappable:

Vigor 2860Ln SIM card fitting guide

When the SIM card is installed, turn the router on, access the router's web interface and go to [WAN] > [General Setup] to confirm the LTE WAN options, by clicking the LTE link:

In the LTE General Setup options, ensure that the connection is Enabled and set the Active Mode as required.

If the internet connection will be available at all times, set it to Always On:

If the connection will be used as a backup internet connection, set the Active Mode to Failover:

  • Select "Any of the selected WAN" if the LTE connection will come online if only one WAN interface selected goes offline. For instance in the example below, if either WAN1 or WAN2 are offline, the LTE WAN interface will become active:
  • Select "All of the selected WAN" if the LTE connection will come online only when all of the WAN interfaces selected are offline:

Click OK to save those changes.

Go to [WAN] > [Internet Access], set the Access Mode to 3G/4G LTE Modem(DHCP Mode) and click the Details Page button:

On the Details for the LTE WAN interface:

  • Set the 3G/4G USB Modem(DHCP mode) setting to Enable
  • Set the SIM PIN code only if there is a PIN configured on the sim, otherwise leave this field blank
  • Network Mode defaults to 4G/3G/2G which will auto-select the network type to connect to and will use whichever mode the base station recommends. Seting this to a specific mode will force that connection type, for instance 4G Only will connect using 4G specifically
  • Set the APN Name as required by the mobile provider, please note this may vary by plan / SIM type and common providers are listed below.
  • Set the Username and Password if required by the ISP; most 4G connections use DHCP which does not require a username or password configured.
  • If a Username and Password are required, set the Authentication to PAP or CHAP
  • Set the MTU as required
  • The WAN Connection Detection's default mode of ARP Detect will check connection to the gateway

Click OK to save and apply those settings.

APN List View APN List [+]

Go to the [Dashboard] to check the network connection state under the LTE Status section:

The [Online Status] > [Physical Connection] page will show connection details for the LTE WAN interface. If the details show in red text, the LTE internet connection is down. When the LTE details text shows in green, the router will be able to use that WAN interface for internet access.

If the LTE WAN is configured to operate as a backup, the router will keep this internet connection offline until the requirements are met (other WAN interfaces down) for it to come online:

Additional details on the LTE modem status can be found under [LTE] > [Status]:


If the Internet connection does not establish or the LTE WAN interface does not connect to a network:

  • After changing APN details, turn the router's power off for 5 seconds then turn it back on
  • Ensure that no SIM PIN is configured if the SIM card is not using a PIN
  • Check the APN details are correct for the SIM card
  • Test the SIM in another mobile device to determine whether it can connect to the Internet

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